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Blackjack Casino Online Canada

Blackjack is one of the oldest and most popular games at the casino. The combination of simple rules, numerous variations and the multiple options that the player has for every hand combine to create a high-spirited game of fun and excitement. You don’t have to expend your energy and funds to travel to a local casino to play blackjack – open up the online casino on your PC or mobile device and play at the Blackjack Casino Online Canada at your leisure.


The origins of blackjack are shrouded in legend and mystery. For most of history blackjack was called “Twenty-One” due to the goal of the game of building a hand that comes as close to 21 as possible without exceeding 21. All Slots casinos online no deposit bonus.

Most historians believe that the game of blackjack originated in Spain and migrated to other parts of Europe. Blackjack’s popularity grew when French and Spanish explorers brought the game to America where it quickly became a favourite of northern trappers and settlers. When French Riviera casinos began to open in the 19th century they included blackjack rooms as a central feature of the casino and the Las Vegas Casinos followed suit, expanding the basic game of 21 to include dozens of variations on the basic blackjack game.

Today, blackjack is the preferred game for millions of online casino players who thrill to the excitement and thrills that blackjack offers. The game suits beginning and advanced players alike due to the game’s combination of basic simplicity with strategist, betting tables, varied techniques and other high-energy elements.

Blackjack Rules

When you play blackjack you make your bet and receive 2 cards. Aces are worth either 1 or 11 points, picture cards are worth 10 points and all other cards are valued at face value. You want to get as close to possible to 21 without exceeding that total.

After your cards have been dealt you have several choices. You can

  • Take a “hit” – request another card. You can take as many hits as you want while still remaining under the total of 21
  • Stand – if your cards total 21 or under, you can wait
  • Go bust – if you take too may hits and go over 21, you will go bust and lose the bet

Once your hand is compared to the dealer’s hand, you will either win the bet or lose, depending on whether you or the dealer got closest to 21 while still remaining at 21 or under.

Winning at Online Blackjack

There are a wide range of rules, variations and options in Blackjack Casino Online Canada. Those elements vary, depending on which blackjack variation you are playing. Do a little research before you select your blackjack game and pick a blackjack game that suits your gaming level and betting strategy. You should also memorize the basic strategies of online blackjack which tells you – statistically – what the best moves are for any hand combination. All Slots casinos online no deposit bonus.

Blackjack Variations

Some of the most popular versions of blackjack include:

  • In Blackjack Casino Online Canada Redeal My Hand you replace all of your cards with new cards. In the Re deal Last Hand variation you replace only the last card that you received. There are a possible five redeal options per game. Fans of this game believe that it gives players the best chance to win.
  • There are 2 decks of cards used for the Bonus Blackjack variation. Players can double down on any two cards and may split up to 3 times (aces split once). There’s an optional side bet in which you bet on the outcome of the bonus bet that was wagered on your first 2 cards.
  • When you play Hi Lo 13 Blackjack you’ll see 3 circles on the virtual blackjack table. The circles are marked “Lo,” “13,” and “Hi” and you place side bets involving the sum of your first 2 dealt cards

The Blackjack Casino Online Canada features all of the most popular and entertaining variations of the Game of 21.

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