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Features Galore That You Have Never Seen Before!

The flexibility and low cost of playing online are not the only benefits you will enjoy. Playing at an online casino gives you access to many features that do not exist at land-based casinos in Canada.

First of all, online casinos offer huge Welcome Bonuses to get your game play started on the right foot. For an equivalent at a land-based casino, someone would have to hand you a wad of cash as you walk through the door!

Bonuses continue as you keep playing. Many casinos offer monthly, weekly, and sometimes even daily offers. These vary widely, but can include deals like matching bonuses, free spins on certain games, and Loyalty Point multipliers.

Loyalty Points programs are another invention of online casinos that improves your gambling experience. At many casinos, every time you play, you can earn Loyalty Points. These points add up quickly! Once you get to a certain number, you can redeem them for cash or other prizes.

Loyalty Points often also determine your ranking as a player. The more Points you rack up, the more perks you can enjoy as your player ranking increases. Eventually, you can even be initiated as a casino VIP and enjoy the most luxurious benefits. Online Jackpots Casino Canada

While land-based casinos in Canada have VIP rankings, only the most high-rolling players have access to that elite club. The ranking system at online casinos allows you to work up to VIP at your own speed, without dropping huge sums of money in a small period of time. Online Casino Canada.

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