The roulette online Canada casino is the ultimate online gaming experience. Roulette is one of the most iconic casino games and the elegant star in many movies. Ever since Casablanca was released in the 1940’s, roulette has become synonymous with exciting and suspense filled scenes and beautiful movie stars. Even if you have never actually been to a land based casino you are likely to recognize the large black and red wheel with the small ball that is set in motion as the wheel begins to spin. Roulette Online Casino Canada

Roulette is equally popular at the online casino and the thrill and suspense of the game has been perfectly replicated by the online casino software designers. A great advantage of the online casino is that they are able to offer many variants of the game from the classic Europe and American variations to progressive and even multi-wheel online roulette. All Slots casinos online no deposit bonus.

HOW TO PLAY ROULETTE Casino Online Canada

Roulette online is one of the easiest games to play. The game is played around a roulette wheel with numbers ranging from 1 to 36 in alternating red and black pockets around the perimeter of the wheel. There is also either one or two green 0 pockets. All Slots casinos online no deposit bonus.

Once you have made your bet, the roulette wheel is set in motion and a small ball goes hurtling around the edge of the wheel. When the wheel loses momentum and starts coming to a slow stop, the ball will fall gently into one of the numbered pockets. Roulette Online Casino Canada


There are a large number of betting options you can make in roulette including bets on a single number or on a group of numbers such as all the red or black numbers.

The payouts will depend on the bets that you make. For example, if you bet on a large group of numbers such as all the even numbers, there is a high chance that you will land a winning number but the payout will be lower than if you made a single bet on one winning number. Roulette Online Casino Canada


The most popular variant of online roulette is European roulette. This classic version of the game has 37 numbers on the wheel giving you slightly higher odds of winning a payout than when you play the American roulette version with 38 numbers on the wheel.

Another popular variation of the game is French roulette. This game also has slightly lower odds than the European version but comes with a unique rule known as ‘La Partage’ which dictates that when the ball lands on the 0, half of all the even money wagers will be returned to you. Roulette Online Casino Canada

Each Canadian casino will offer their own variety of roulette games. Some fun variations to look out for are the progressive roulette games and the multi-wheel variants.


The game of roulette is a game of chance and there is little that can be done to improve your odds of a successful outcome. However, some roulette advice that was given to me by a seasoned roulette player has helped me improve my game. Roulette Online Casino Canada

The most important piece of advice imparted was to always choose the European version of roulette over the American version as there is one less number and your odds of winning are increased.

Another valuable piece of advice was to become very familiar with the rules of the games and the implications and payouts of the different bets. The expansive range of betting options is one of the most thrilling aspects of the game but can be confusing for novice players. Roulette Online Casino Canada

A great advantage of the roulette online Canadian casino is the option of trying out casino games for free. Take advantage of the free games before beginning to play roulette online at the Canadian casino.

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